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Dear Students,
             I would rather love to address you as the 'Lucky Few', who have the privilege and opportunity to obtain higher education from an established and reputed institution like ours.
            Education is meant to enlighten people. It bails us out of the deep dark well of the ignorance. It prepares us to face the challenges of life and also enables us to assert ourselves positively.
            The potential for the prosperity of a country depends not upon the abundance of revenues or arsenals, but on cultivated citizens. Education would definitely make person an effective part of the multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and multicultural work term in a global society.
            This year, we have a greater challenge before us. I expect your active and committed participation in maintaining the high standards of the institution.   
            May the new session fulfill all your dreams and aspirations.

                                                        Best Wishes

Dr. Usha Dubey



1).To provide higher education to women in order to elevate their status in the society.                                                                         2).To improvise teaching learning process, as well as to introduce measure to ensure quality improvement in women education.                  3).To enable women to have an identity of  their own by making them self reliant and by helping them develop leadership qualities         4).To ensure the participation of women in all creative activities in various spheres of life.                                                                      5).To inculcate in the students virtues like adherence to truth, accountability towards the society, confidence, courage and           compassion for the fellow beings.

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